I conceive my work in the pictorial tradition. I paint with gesture and matter to pursue representational work that does not aspire to depict anything in a conclusive way. Placing myself among antagonistic elements, I search for an equilibrium that fluctuates from order to chaos, between maintaining a certain degree of control at the same time I assume accidents and uncertainties as essential to a painting approach that investigates itself more than anything. Contrary to using shortcuts focused on sureness, I begin with a primary idea that constantly varies as the work grows towards the unknown.
My pictorial spaces are the result of rebuilding references that have previously undergone digestion and denaturation of its most visible appearance through a gestural reiteration. Nevertheless, there is no violent intention or search for sensationalism. On the contrary, that scrutiny effort is an attempt to approach the real subject hidden under the appearance disguise. It is there, among the intricacies of that nature, which underlies a halo of disturbing concern.

Madrid, january 2020.